Industrial Design. What is it?

Industrial design - general idea

In our life, we are surrounded by thousands and thousands of different objects and devices with which we have to touch and interact every day. These items directly affect the convenience and comfort of our life. Industrial design directly determines what these very objects around us will be like in everyday life. It is the industrial design that determines the appearance of the device in full accordance with its structural arrangement and functional needs. Moreover, the task is in this case from the opposite. First of all, it is necessary to develop the functional components of the device and only then, starting from the technical component of the device, one can proceed to the design of its appearance.

If you ask the layman about industrial design, then most of the respondents will most likely say that industrial design is responsible for the beauty of the device. However, in addition to beauty, industrial design also solves the problem of user interaction with the device. Let us ask ourselves why the appearance of a device is so important for a person? The fact is that a high-quality appearance is an additional and very significant guarantee of reliable functional qualities of the device. People choosing from several devices of the same technical characteristics will always opt for a product that is more thoughtful from a design point of view, and this is where the correct industrial design of the product becomes a key factor.

The immediate need for industrial design appeared with the advent of conveyor production of products. With the advent of conveyor production, fears were expressed that products obtained in this way would be deprived of their individuality. That is why manufacturers began to introduce decorative elements into their products. If there is a large selection of products that are approximately the same in terms of functional qualities, then it is the ability of the product to meet the interests of a person emotionally that becomes decisive.

Industrial designers can be classified as professions: engineers, artists, designers of various directions. Industrial designers do not create production drawings, they are not responsible for the workability of inventions, they optimize inventions, trying to make its appearance more expensive and beautiful than it can be. Designers study the appearance of products that are already successful in the market, and, being inspired by what they see, try to create their own masterpieces.

To create solutions in the field of industrial design, it is assumed not only artistic and analytical activities, but also the use of a number of graphic and engineering programs: 3D Studio Max, SolidWorks, CATIA, Rhinoceros, NX and other programs that ensure the implementation of concepts and sketches of the manufactured goods.


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