Stainless steel barrel nipple

Stainless steel barrel nipple
Stainless steel barrel nipple

Stainless steel barrel nipple is a connecting part of pipelines, which is a piece of pipe with threads on both sides. The drive (double-sided nipple) is used for quick and convenient installation (connection) of pipeline sections with internal threads.

Country of origin China
Description Stainless steel barrel nipple
Working temperature From -20°C till +120°C
Steel grade AISI 304, AISI 316
Size Vendor code Price
DN 6 - Thread 1/8" sstf004-6 By request
DN 8 - Thread 1/4" sstf004-8 By request
DN 10 - Thread 3/8" sstf004-10 By request
DN 15 - Thread 1/2" sstf004-15 By request
DN 20 - Thread 3/4" sstf004-20 By request
DN 25 - Thread 1" sstf004-25 By request
DN 32 - Thread 1 1/4" sstf004-32 By request
DN 40 - Thread 1 1/2" sstf004-40 By request
DN 50 - Thread 2" sstf004-50 By request
DN 65 - Thread 2 1/2" sstf004-65 By request
DN 80 - Thread 3" sstf004-80 By request
DN 100 - Thread 4" sstf004-100 By request
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Delivery option №1 To the transport company terminal
Delivery option №2 To the address (to the warehouse, office or home)
We work with transport companies Business Lines, SDEK
Pickup available Moscow city, Ryazanovskaya highway 16
You can pay for your order Cash or bank card upon pickup
Payment methods for legal entities By bank transfer
By bank card

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